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30 percent wholewheat
30 percent wholewheat

Partial Wholewheat Sourdough Bread Recipe


I recently acquired a brand new set of cane bannetons for the final rise of the loaves, so I was very eager to try them out. I decided to make a bread that has become fairly standard in our household, a mixed white/wholewheat bread that the kids tend to like.

This time around, the recipe looks like this:

  • 200g levain
    • 30g starter
    • 170ml water
    • 100g white bread flour
    • 100g wholewheat flour
  • 650ml water
  • 300g wholewheat flour
  • 700g white bread flour
  • 18g salt

I created the starter the night before, as is my usual practice. The next morning late (once the levain was ready) I then took 200g of the levain and set it aside, and placed the rest in the refrigerator as the new starter. I mixed the levain into the water, and then added the flour. This was then thoroughly mixed together and then left to rest half an hour before adding the salt. I proceeded with the turns, every 30 minutes, for about 6 hours. Then I poured the dough onto the table, split the loaves, formed them initially, gave them the usual bench rest of 20 minutes, and then did a final forming and placed them into the floured bannetons (using rice flour). After rising for 3 hours, I baked the firstĀ  and then the second.

First impressions are:

  • The loaves have a better shape because the bannetons are better suited than the bowls I was using, resulting in a higher loaf.
  • They also have a lovely pattern from the floured areas of the bannetons.
  • This time around, I was careful to keep the initial period with the turns to six hours, since I may have been waiting too long before. The oven spring was better, but not sure if this is the sole reason.

Overall, the new bannetons are great, and the basic mixed loaf recipe produces a great bread! Here are some pictures:

30 percent wholewheat in banneton

30 percent wholewheat in banneton

30 percent wholewheat

30 percent wholewheat

30 percent wholewheat-cut

30 percent wholewheat-cut

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