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Seeded Bread Country Loaf


I have been baking quite a few rye breads recently, and decided to try something different before we all went off the amazing taste of the rye loaves. I had been given a bag of flour by the friend who lent her oven for the initial forays into artisan bread making. The flour was the Six Seed Bread Flour from the Wessex Mill, which has won 3 stars more than once in various competitions. As we discovered, the results were brilliant. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this loaf, but will add them next time I bake one.

The basic approach was the same, my standard starter refreshed with 50% whole wheat and 50% white flour. Then 750ml of water, 200g of leaven, 1000g of Six Seed Bread Flour from the Wessex Mill, and 20g of salt.

One thing I have noticed as we have gotten into summer, is that my doughs take longer to rise. This seems to be because it isn’t that hot out, and the doors are typically open. In the colder times of year, the doors are shut and the heat is on, so effectively the house is warmer at the other times of the year than it is in the summer.

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